Game-Changer for Solar Energy: Perovskite Semiconductors  
September 1, 2016 | 10-11 am PT
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In the last five years, advances in perovskite semiconductor technology have improved power conversion efficiency of solar cells at an impressive rate. Are these semiconductors poised to revolutionize the solar industry? Join Professor Michael McGehee as he explores the potential and the challenges of this exciting new technology.

You Will Learn
  • What makes perovskite semiconductors so great for solar cells
  • How challenges with stability and lead toxicity are being tackled
  • How industry can scale up and bring this technology to market, and how it can compete with conventional solar technology

About the Speaker

Michael-McGehee.jpgMichael McGehee is a professor in the Stanford School of Engineering's Material Science department. His research group studies the electrical and optical properties of organic semiconductors; self-assembly of inorganic nanostructures with organic structure directing agents; and fabrication of low-cost organic photovoltaic cells, light-emitting diodes and transistors. His primary interests and areas of expertise are organic electronics, patterning materials at the nanometer length scale, and developing materials for renewable energy and sustainability applications. Because McGehee has extensive experience with LEDs and lasers, future research projects may involve these areas as well.

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