Drug Development:

From Discovery to Commercialization

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This brand new graduate certificate, offered by the School of Medicine's Translational Research and Applied Medicine program, comprises 3 required courses in translational medicine and one elective.

The core of the certificate is the "A to Z of Medical Translation" sequence, comprising two of the required courses that delve into the complex landscape of medical translation, including preclinical development and advanced topics in biopharmaceutical development. These courses provide a strong foundation essential for understanding the industry's nuances. Alongside these core courses, you will take "Human Studies in Drug Development" to gain comprehensive insights into clinical pathways and regulatory requirements. As an elective, you can choose either "Biotechnology Law" or the third course in the "A to Z of Medical Translation" series, "Emerging Trends in Drug Development and Next-gen Innovations", each course allows you to explore specific issues in drug development in depth.
  • Gain a deep understanding of medical translation
  • Engage with industry professionals
  • Build a strong foundation for successful careers in the field of medical translation and biopharmaceutical development
  • Earn a Stanford University Graduate Certificate

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Bring your power to understand human behavior and learn to use it to prioritize the most useful and desirable features in a product.


Engineers and developers

Bring your ability to build products the best way and combine it with the knowledge to capture opportunities and create economic value.


Designers and UX designers

Polish your ability to create products that are wonderful to use and combine it with the ability to plan go-to-market strategies.


Marketing & Sales

Combine your powers to acquire customers with the ability to prioritize the features that will make them loyal.


Founders and entrepreneurs

Develop the skills that will help you manage your products’ lifecycle once you bring your ideas to life.

Graduate or Professional course - which is right for you?

Time Commitment


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Graduate Certificate Courses

90–120 hours per course

Earn up to 18 units of academic credit that may contribute to a certificate or a degree

Frequent collaboration with other students taking courses at the same time


Professional Program

8-10 hours per course

Take a professional course to build your skills and advance your career

Potential to connect with other participants through private social media groups


Certificate Courses

A to Z of Medical Translation: Fundamentals and Technical Considerations of Drug Development
Required, Course 1
Dive into the fundamentals of medical translation, with a focus on drug development. Explore topics like drug development planning, preclinical requirements, drug development from a biopharmaceutical perspective, good manufacturing practices (GMP), quality assurance standards, and compliance. Industry experts offer valuable insights, providing students with a strong foundation for the field.
A to Z of Medical Translation: Strategic Challenges in Drug Development
Required, Course 2
Delve into the broader ecosystem of medical translation, examining critical aspects including leadership and management skills, developing and maintaining intellectual property, working with venture funds, portfolio evaluation, diagnostic development, market access and healthcare equity. Guest speakers offer insights into real-world challenges and opportunities in the industry.
Human Studies in Drug Development
Required, Course 3
A comprehensive exploration of the clinical development pathway, spanning from initial discovery to FDA approval. In this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills, including understanding regulatory processes, developing study protocols for various clinical phases, ensuring safety management, managing data effectively, and preparing for NDA/MAA submissions. Expert-led sessions and workshops provide students with the expertise required to navigate the complexities of clinical trials and clinical studies in drug development.
Biotechnology Law
Elective Option 1
Focus on the impact of the legal and regulatory system on research, products, and intellectual property for companies and academia and will include an overview of legal, corporate, intellectual property, ethical and regulatory issues impacting the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Basic topics covered include intellectual property, patent law, and licensing in the field of biotechnology. You will learn how to submit an idea, go through the disclosure and licensing process, and apply for a patent.
A to Z of Medical Translation: Emerging Trends in Drug Development and Next-gen Innovations
Elective Option 2
Explore topics such as novel therapeutic modalities; artificial intelligence and personalized medicine; new methodologies for drug discovery; the future of pharmaceutical development, marketing, and healthcare cost containment. This quarter offers a forward-looking perspective, preparing students for the ever-evolving landscape of medical translation and biopharmaceutical development.

Leading Innovation

  • Build and maintain a motivated, cohesive team of doers
  • Create a culture that encourages innovation and psychological safety
  • Lead effectively through stressful and challenging times
Getting Buy-In for Your Ideas

  • Identify and fine-tune your highest potential idea
  • Garner feedback, input, and support as you grow your idea
  • Align your idea with your company’s strategy and goals
Scaling Excellence: How to Grow and Spread Greatness

  • Build a mindset of accountability and psychological ownership
  • Create a culture that fosters strong and resilient bonds between people
  • Master tools for pre-empting organizational messes
Leading Collaborative Teams

  • Coordinate and collaborate more effectively across boundaries
  • Assess the role of conflict within your team
  • Build an inclusive and diverse workforce that fosters innovation
The Power of Stories to Fuel Innovation

  • Define yourself as a trustworthy leader by cultivating empathy and authenticity
  • Drive company growth by fostering alignment toward a shared vision
  • Connect with your customers by humanizing your company’s purpose and values

Program Faculty

George Tidmarsh

Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics - Neonatology, Stanford School of Medicine

Dean Felsher

Professor of Medicine (Oncology) and of Pathology, Stanford School of Medicine

Vern Norviel

Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


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