VPTL-Facilitated Submissions to Stanford’s Long Range Planning Effort

Stanford is engaged in a one-year long-range planning effort to develop a bold, shared vision for educating students as world citizens and leaders, extending the frontiers of knowledge and creativity, and amplifying Stanford’s contributions to humanity and civilization.

As part of VPTL’s mission to help Stanford build its future through the collaborative transformation of learning, we developed a set of proposals to the university. These proposals are based on a series of conversations with VPTL’s External Advisory Board (including members of Stanford's Board of Trustees), VPTL’s Internal Faculty Advisory Board (10 faculty, 2 students); and a workshop exercise designed to provide input for VPTL LRP priorities engaging 60+ faculty, lecturers and ASG members.

In the future contemplated by this visioning effort, Stanford will serve undergraduate, graduate, postdoc, and professional learners, offer educational opportunities beyond campus, conduct pure and applied research with valuable societal impact, engage local, regional, national, and international constituencies, and pioneer a visionary role as a global research university.

All proposal materials can be found on Stanford Box here (requires SUNet ID).