CEE242R Project Risk Analysis

Online Graduate Course - Open for enrollment October 28, 2018

How do you ensure that you encounter the least amount of surprises as you undertake a project? While it’s impossible to anticipate all variables or to know what the future holds, the underlying concepts of project risk analysis can help you predict and minimize uncertainties as you move through a complex project. In this course, you'll learn principles and methods for quantitative modeling and mitigation of risks in project planning, design, construction and operation. You'll learn about the use of new Microsoft Excel capabilities as a key strategy, as well as standardized probability distributions. This course will incorporate several case studies, including that of current work at PG&E, to illustrate the practical implications, of addressing operational risks.

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Sam Savage Adjunct Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Topics Include
  • Basic principles and modeling methods
  • Risk versus uncertainty Communicating and aggregating uncertainty
  • Monte Carlo simulation Optimizing and modeling portfolios in the context of case studies
  • Development of stochastic libraries of project uncertainties in finance, construction, cyber security and other fields


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